Although well known for their Grateful Dead-inspired live shows and constant touring over the past five years, The Deadbeats are proud to announce the release of their debut cd, "One True Moment." Recorded in Woodstock, NY, at Nevessa Studios, the cd features all original material, and includes many long time favorites, as well as a few brand new tunes. It is an exceptional and diverse collection of songs and has already been reviewed as some of the strongest to emerge from the "jam band" community.

Of course, with so many years on the road under their belt, it is no surprise that the performances on the cd are all top notch as well. With the basic tracks all recorded live in the studio, The Deadbeats were able to retain the interplay and excitement for which they have become known. In addition, they brought in a few of their friends to help round out the sound on a number of songs; from hometown favorites such as Shane Kirsch of Perfect Thyroid on sax, to legends Vassar Clements on fiddle and Buddy Cage on pedal steel, whose credits include the Grateful Dead, Old and in the Way, The New Riders, and Bob Dylan.

As a result, the Deadbeat's have managed to capture some of the inspired jams and performances that characterize their live performances, while at the same time producing a well crafted, song based, "album" ... just like they used to make 'em.